Please be advised that ACTRA is in no way affiliated with any of the professionals, institutions, schools or tutors that provide the services listed on this page. We have compiled these lists to inform, but by no means recommend or suggest any of these particular organizations.

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3D Head Shot,

Adriano Onorati Photography, tel: 514.904.0088,

Agent Illustrateur, Christine Roy, tel: 514.707.2564,

Alan Dean Photography, tel: 514.726.6934,

Allison Cordner Photography tel: 514.692.1214,

Anne Kmetyko, Box Studio, tel: 514.781.3333, 514.937.4291,

Ben Philippi, tel: 514.582.1244,

Benoit David, tel: 514.846.9494,

Bianca Morello Portraits, tel: 514.594.3562,

Bo Huang Photography tel: 514.804.9353,

Brian Redstone Photography, tel: 514.223.9932,

Charles William Pelletier, tel: 514.651.9339,

Cinematic Picture, Stephanie Hristea, tel: 514.268.0301,

CM Images,

Creative Portraiture – SoloJoep, Joep Hovens, tel: 514.294.4471,

Ella, tel: 514.779.3552,

Erik Yeargan, tel: 514.840.8486,

Espresso Films, Alain Dahan, tel: 514.992.5822,


Kahl Sutherland, tel: 514.292.3228,,

Karin Benedict, tel: 514.938.1059,,

Karine Huard Photgraphe, tel: 514.577.5986,

Nadia Zheng Photography, tel: 514.659.6646,

Norm Edwards, tel: 514.696.0033,

Peter Ford, tel: 438.938.6788,

Pierre Roussel – Images Photographie, tel: 514.288.4036,

Ryan Blau – PBL Photography Inc., tel: 514.234.1584,

Sabrina Reeves, tel: 514.432.1623,

Stephane Brugger, tel: 514.982.9783