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ACTRA Montreal represents 3,000 of Canada’s 27,000 professional performers working in English-language recorded media in Canada. As an advocate for Canadian culture since 1943, ACTRA is a member-driven union that continues to secure rights and respect for the work of professional performers.


COVID-19 Best Practices Guideline

Protecting ACTRA members from the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace presents many unique challenges. This Best Practices Guideline outlines ACTRA’s policies and practices to provide a safe working environment for all productions.

What's Shooting

When you’re part of ACTRA you’re part of the strongest full-service cultural union in Canada. Check out what’s shooting in our neck of the woods. From rural town locations, to cityscapes, lakes, purpose built studios, mo-cap studios and more, ACTRA Agreements fit every budget.

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2022-24 Branch Council

ACTRA Montreal is pleased to announce our new Branch Council. Their leadership will help guide the organization over the next two years. Congratulations to the Councillors-elect!

President's Message

Simon Peacock
These are challenging times for ACTRA Montreal, as we face a crisis like none other in our history. I want members to know that we are still working hard. Payments are being processed, your questions are being answered, and we continue to advocate for the rights of performers. We are also lobbying all levels of government to ensure we get the financial support we need to get through these trying times. Please keep checking the website and our social media pages to get the latest news. In the meantime stay safe and look after each other - it’s what Unions do.

ACTRA Magazine: Fall 2021

Enjoy the Fall 2021 edition of ACTRA Magazine… Catch up on the latest ACTRA news, stories, accolades and advice from around your union!