What is the Difference Between a Casting Director & Talent Agent?

Talent Agents are not paid by the production and instead earn a commission (usually 15%) of the Performers gross earnings on the work their clients have done. The Talent Agents send their clients to auditions, negotiate contracts on their behalf, etc.

Casting Directors are paid by the production to find the best actors for roles. They may or may not also cast the Background Performers on a film, and may charge Background Performers (who are not members) a registration fee. Casting people do not take a percentage of the performers’ gross earnings.

Aldo Tirelli Casting
Principal casting only; no extras
Tel: 514-708-2536    

Andrea Kenyon & Associates
(not responsible for Background Casting)
7535 St. Denis
Montreal, Quebec H2R 2E7
Tel: 514-948-2000   Fax: 514-948-1604

Bruno Rosato Casting
2170 Pierre Dupuy / Mel’s Cité du Cinema, Suite 111
Montreal, Quebec  H3C 3R4
Tel: 514-447-5550     

Casting Brigitte Viau
Tel: 514-966-9718

Casting Lucie Robitaille Inc.
7372 rue St-Hubert
Montreal, Quebec, H2R 2N3
Tel: 514-524-0688   Fax: 514-524-0688

Casting Murielle La Ferriere
5570 Cartier #204
Montreal, Quebec, H2H 1X9
Tel: 514-524-6644    Fax: 514-524-6644

Casting Quarters – Johanne Titley
7301 Beaubien East #407
Montreal, Québec H1M 3X3
Tel: 514-354-7997    Fax: 514-354-6166

Cent Visages Figuration (Background)
544 rue Des Cannas
St. Eustache, Qc  J7P 0A7
Tel: 514-771-1340     Fax: 450-628-8423

Elite Casting
3981 St-Laurent, #310
Montreal, Quebec, H2W 1Y5
Tel: 514-282-1631    Fax: 514-844-8223

Figuration Julie Breton
Tel: 514-767-6999    Fax: 514-767-9994

Ginette D’Amico
1239B du Fort
Montreal, Quebec, H3H 2B8
Tel: 514-939-1442    Fax: 514-934-4818

Ginette Goulet Casting
C.P. 313 Succ. Victoria
Westmount, Quebec, H3Z 2V8
Tel: 514-932-8911     Fax: 514-937-8911

Jessica Greenberg Casting
642 de Courcelle Suite 112
Montreal, QC H4C 3C5
Tel: 514-934-5444

L.A. Casting
25 Port Royal East #105
Montreal, Quebec  H3L 3G1
Tel: 514-381-6554     Fax:  514-381-6554

Louise Lacoste Casting Enr.
C.P. 547, Succ. Jean-Talon
Montreal, Quebec, H1S 2Z4
Tel: 514-255-3779     Fax: 514-256-4083

Mélanie Ranger
Directrice de casting, ADCQ
Casting Mélanie Ranger
T: 514-952-8953

The Montreal Casting Extras Company
9122 rue Lajeunesse
Montreal, Quebec  H2M 1S2   

Realisation BCP
3530 St. Laurent, Ste. 400,
Montreal, Quebec, H2V 2V1
Tel: 514-285-1414    Fax: 514-842-5907