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ACTRA Montreal announces new Branch Council

With the results of the 2019 election tabulated, ACTRA Montreal is pleased to announce its new Branch Council.

Congratulations to the incumbents and to the new Councillors who have been elected (listed in alphabetical order):

  • Tyrone Benskin
  • Thor Bishopric
  • Stephanie Breton
  • Tristan D. Lalla
  • Matt Holland
  • Richard Jutras
  • Li Li
  • Elizabeth Neale
  • Eleanor Noble
  • Simon Peacock
  • Jen Viens

The two-year term for the new Branch Council will begin January 2020.

Executive officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary) as well as two National Councillors will be elected from amongst the eleven Branch Councillors at the first meeting of the new Council.

ACTRA Montreal gratefully acknowledges the years of dedication and support provided by our outgoing Councillors, Richard M. Dumont, Howard Rosenstein, Sylvia Stewart, Jason Cavalier (Alternate), Amber Goldfarb (Alternate), Amir Sam Nakhjavani (Alternate) and Julian Stamboulieh (Alternate).

Report of voting results and spoiled ballots:

Number of eligible voters: 2067
Total number of ballots: 358
Valid ballots: 347
Spoiled ballots: 11

Number of votes for each candidate:

  1. Tyrone Benskin (189)
  2. Thor Bishopric (203)
  3. Stephanie Breton (201)
  4. Richard M. Dumont (130)
  5. Tristan D. Lalla (196)
  6. Matt Holland (199)
  7. Mariah Inger (138)
  8. Richard Jutras (218)
  9. Li Li (169)
  10. Elizabeth Neale (168)
  11. Eleanor Noble (213)
  12. Simon Peacock (230)
  13. Julian Stamboulieh (126)
  14. Kathleen Stavert (117)
  15. Sylvia Stewart (146)
  16. Ksenia Thurgood (93)
  17. Jen Viens (164)

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