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2019 ACTRA Montreal Branch Council Elections

Full members in good standing of ACTRA Montreal should receive by mail a ballot, listing candidates in the current Branch Council election. *

The candidates are:

  1. Tyrone Benskin
  2. Thor Bishopric
  3. Stephanie Breton
  4. Richard M. Dumont
  5. Tristan D. Lalla
  6. Matt Holland
  7. Mariah Inger
  8. Richard Jutras
  9. Li Li
  10. Elizabeth Neale
  11. Eleanor Noble
  12. Simon Peacock
  13. Julian Stamboulieh
  14. Kathleen Stavert
  15. Sylvia Stewart
  16. Ksenia Thurgood
  17. Jen Viens

Before voting, we encourage you to please read the statements provided by the candidates, which are accessible here.

Please follow these instructions to vote:

  1. Mark the enclosed BALLOT by means of an “X” or “√” in the circle beside each name. This must be done in pen (not pencil). DO NOT place your membership number or any other mark on the ballot itself other than the “X” or “√” indicating your voting choices. DO NOT select more than ELEVEN (11) names or YOUR BALLOT WILL BE INVALID. You may select less than ELEVEN (11) if you wish.
  2. Fold your completed ballot and seal it inside the smaller envelope marked “BALLOT”.
  3. Insert the ballot envelope into the large pre-addressed, stamped envelope provided. Seal the envelope.
  4. Print your name and your ACTRA membership number on the FRONT OF THE LARGE, PRE-ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE. This is necessary to ensure the ballot cast is from an eligible voter.
  5. Mail the envelope allowing sufficient time for your ballot to be received at the ACTRA Montreal office not later than Wednesday, November 27, 2019, 5:00 p.m. EST.

All candidates for election will be notified of the final results on, or before, Wednesday, November 27, 2019.

At their first meeting, your new 11-member Council will elect a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary, as well as two (2) National Councillors. Your duly elected Council will serve the entire membership of ACTRA Montreal for a two-year period, ending December 2021.

Please exercise your voting right to ensure the best possible representation.


The complete Governance for the Election Process is available here.

*A member who claims non-receipt of a ballot may secure a new ballot from the ACTRA Montreal office by signing a Declaration of Non-receipt form.

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