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Nominate a member for the 2017 ACTRA Awards in Montreal

The ACTRA Awards are returning to Montreal Spring 2017!

The ACTRA Awards in Montreal celebrate outstanding performances by ACTRA Montreal members in film, television and videogame performances. The Awards are an opportunity to applaud the artistic achievements of our peers, who include some of Canada’s most gifted performers.

The nomination period is now open and we encourage everyone to nominate a fellow member or even nominate themselves for their work. Click here to submit a nomination.

  1. The nominated performance must be on an ACTRA contract, but the project need not have been produced in Montreal.
  2. The nominated performer must have been a member of ACTRA Montreal at the time the project was produced.
  3. Nominated performances should be for a Principal role (except for the Stunt Performance Award).
  4. ACTRA Montreal members may nominate themselves.
  5. Non-members, such as agents and producers, may nominate ACTRA Montreal members.
  6. A nominated performance must be from a project which has been released, screened or televised between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016.
  7. A nominated performance may be from film, television, videogames, a low budget film, short film, animated or dubbed project.
  8. A nominated performance may be for acting, voice work, stunt work or performance capture.

Check here for a list of eligible projects.


For further information, please contact Randy at ACTRA Montreal: rduniz@actra.ca or 514.844.3318 x223.

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