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Union Solidarity

The Collective Agreements provide many benefits. Why would you want to work for less? Performers were able to win these advantages by working together to achieve common goals. One of the most important ways of supporting each other in order to maintain the benefits of the Collective Agreements is to never work on a non-union production.

Look for the Union Contract
Imagine what would happen if our members worked both on union and non-union productions. Producers would have no reason to hire members under our Collective Agreements if they would agree to perform non-union. ACTRA would also have no clout in negotiations because producers would argue that they could easily produce at wages and working conditions that undercut our agreements.

If members agree to work non-union, you and your fellow performers could lose the wages, rights, and working conditions that ACTRA members have fought so hard to win over the last 60 years. That is why we insist that no members work on non-union production. ACTRA has serious penalties, including large fines and expulsion for members who work non-union.

There are no shades of grey. You must work as a performer on a union contract, no matter where, no matter when. As a union member, you are required to respect other performers’ unions’ jurisdictions as well. If you work in live theatre, you must work on an Actor’s Equity contract. In French, you must work on a Union des Artistes contract. In other countries, you must work on contracts of the local union (eg. SAG or AFTRA in the United States.)

If you aware of any non-union work, please contact our Industry Relations officer Anna Scollan. Helping to turn non-union work into union work helps all of us.
Note: any information you provide will be considered confidential.

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