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Know Your Rights

Being a member of ACTRA means you are a professional, and being a professional brings special rights and some responsibilities.

ACTRA Members’ professional rights include:

  1. the right to a fair wage.
  2. the right to compensation for use of the performers’ image and performance.
  3. the right to safe and acceptable working conditions.
  4. the right to artistic freedom.
  5. the right to maintain control over artistic output.
  6. the right to be treated respectfully as an integral component of the production industry and as a contributing member of the Canadian cultural fabric.

For more information on Health and Safety issues visit la Commission de la Santé et de la Sécurité du Travail du Québec (CSST).

Practicing Safe Sets

Stage Parent’s Guide

Nudity Survival Guide

In order to maintain the strength of our collective agreements we must maintain our solidarity as a union. By becoming an ACTRA Member you are committing to respect all of the rules in our By Laws and Constitution. You should also be aware of your local Montreal Branch By Laws – which you may download here.

You can only work on an ACTRA contract under one of our collective agreements, and must only work with performers who are also ACTRA Members in good standing or otherwise qualified by ACTRA. You also cannot work for a fee or under conditions less than the minimum set out in the relevant agreement.

When producers and agents ask you to work non-union, they are asking you to work for less and say no to your pension. They are telling you that you don’t deserve health benefits. They are saying you don’t need to be protected from onset accidents and harassment. They are undermining ACTRA. They are undervaluing you. Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow-professional performers and ‘work ACTRA.’

Keep your eye on ACTRA’s ‘Unfair Engager’ list and don’t work for any of these producers.

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