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ACTRA does not recommend or endorse any of the professionals listed on our website. This list is for information purposes only.

If you find a link which does not work, please notify the ACTRA Montreal office.

Karin Benedict, tel: 514.938.1059, www.karinbenedict.com, kbenedict@videotron.ca

Andre Beriault, tel. 514.461.2069, www.aberiault.com

Ryan Blau – PBL Photography Inc., tel: 514.234.1584, www.pblphoto.com

Bo Huang Photography tel: 514.804.9353, www.bohuang.ca

Tony Chong Photography tel: 514.578.7107, www.tonychongphotography.com

Allison Cordner Photography tel: 514.692.1214, www.AllisonCordner.com

Stephane Brugger, tel: 514.982.9783

Allison Cordner Photography tel: 514.692.1214, www.AllisonCordner.com

Norm Edwards, tel: 514.696.0033, www.normedwards.com

Anne Kmetyko, Box Studio, tel: 514.781.3333, 514.937.4291, www.annekmetyko.com

Shane Kelley, tel: 514.805.1657, www.shane-kelley.com, shanekelley@live.com

Adriano Onorati Photography, tel: 514.904.0088, www.adrianoonorati.com

Ben Philippi, tel: 514.582.1244, www.benphilippi.com

Steph Polic Photo, tel: 514.995.8215, www.stephpolic.com

Sabrina Usher, tel: 514.272.9244, www.sabrinausher.com

Pierre Roussel – Images Photographie, tel: 514.288.4036, www.imagesphotographie.com

Brian Redstone Photography, tel: 514.223.9932, www.redstonephotography.com

Benoit David, tel: 514.846.9494, www.benoitdavid.com

Kahl Sutherland, tel: 514.292.3228, www.kahlsutherland.com, kahl@kahlsutherland.com

Erik Yeargan, tel: 514.840.8486, eyeargan@sympatico.ca

Karine Huard Photgraphe, tel: 514.577.5986, www.karinehuard.com

Terry Hughes Photographer, tel: 514.842.0655, www.terryhughesimages.com

Cinematic Picture, Stephanie Hristea, tel: 514.268.0301, www.cinematicpicture.com

Agent Illustrateur, Christine Roy, tel: 514.707.2564, www.agentillustrateur.com

Charles William Pelletier, tel: 514.651.9339, charleswilliam777@gmail.com

David Giral Photography, tel: 514.512.2408, www.actors-headshots.ca

Jeremy Bobrow, tel: 514.972.9933, www.jeremybobrow.com

Espresso Films, Alain Dahan, tel: 514.992.5822, espressofilms@sympatico.ca

Peter Ford, tel: 438.938.6788, www.fordography.com

Alan Dean Photography, tel: 514.726.6934, alandeanphotography.com/actors.php

CM Images, http://cmimages.ca/portraits

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