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ACTRA Montreal Branch Council Elections – Call for Nominees - The nomination period is now open to elect ACTRA Montreal’s eleven Branch Councillors. The first step in this process is to identify those members who wish to stand for election.
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DO NOT WORK NOTICE: SPINNING GOLD - Please be advised that ACTRA has declared Spinning Gold an unfair engager for failure to meet payroll obligations.
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ACTRA Montreal announces new childcare services partnership - ACTRA Montreal is very happy to announce that we have struck a deal with two childcare service providers that can help you with the challenge of balancing the needs of your family with the demands of our industry. Check out the details here.
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Submit a film to the 2019 ACTRA Short Film Festival - We are pleased to announce the date for the 2019 edition of ACTRA Montreal’s Annual Short Film Festival, Thursday, October 24th at Cinema du Parc. Registration is open for the festival, so start submitting your application now!
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2019 ACTRA Montreal Awards winners - ACTRA Montreal is proud to announce the winners of the 2019 ACTRA Awards in Montreal.
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2019 ACTRA Montreal Awards Nominees - ACTRA Montreal is proud to announce the nominees of the 2019 Performance Awards, to be held May 4th at Le Gesu.
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Eramelinda Boquer: 2019 ACTRA Montreal Woman of the Year - To mark International Women’s Day on March 8th, the Montreal branch of ACTRA is proud to recognize the artistic and advocacy achievements of Eramelinda Boquer, naming her the 2019 ACTRA Montreal Woman of the Year.
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Nominate a performer for the 2019 ACTRA Awards in Montreal - Celebrating outstanding performances by ACTRA Montreal members in film, television and videogame performances, the Awards are an opportunity to applaud the artistic achievements of our peers, who include some of Canada’s most gifted performers.
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Vote for culture! - It’s election day an ACTRA Montreal wants to remind everyone to vote – to know that you can have a say in helping to cast our next provincial government. Elections are an opportunity to audition candidates and political parties on the issues that are important to us – so remember to consider a party’s platform on culture before casting your vote.
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Do Not Work Notice Removed: Midway - Please be advised that Midway Island (Canada) Productions Inc., the producer of the feature film Midway, has now executed a valid Voluntary Recognition Agreement in accordance with the Independent Production Agreement thereby becoming a signatory producer. As such, ACTRA members are now allowed to accept work on the aforementioned production.
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