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Karmacorp Table Read

  1. The project explained by the writer

Karmacorp is an idea for an intermedia series that has at its core a TV series. I have been thinking about this project since 2011/12 and started actively working on it in the fall of 2015. A cool Montreal company, Knfgu, really likes the project and is working on producing/coproducing the project. Right now, for all of us, it is a passion project. My awesome producers will slowly be looking for partners and key creative to build up Karmacorp’s team. There has been no money—everything has been done on spec: I am not known as a fiction writer, I have to prove myself.

It’s a hard-ass unPC progressive project. A politico-economic thriller series.

Its log line: Money makes the world go round through an impenetrable and insidious web of transnational corporations that have permeated our lives over centuries. Some see this as good. Most just carry on. Then, there’s Karmacorp. And those trying to stop Karmacorp.

Diversity is part and parcel of the concept. And when diversity is not specified, that does not necessarily mean that the character has to be white. Of course, if this project ever sees the light of day (or funding), I will want to team up or have consultants for the development of the characters (motivation, cultural backgrounds) etc.


  1. The team


Heidi conceived of Karmacorp in 2012 while she lay in her bed listening to the rumble of police helicopters and protest chants outside. Her health was too fragile to join Montreal’s student protests. Chemo tube lines and tear gas don’t mix.

So she channelled her frustration into voraciously reading about the history of economics and financial/social justice. She battled online trolls between treatments. Her determination to develop a television series that questions the status quo crystallized in 2013 when she saw images of mounted police pointing guns at indigenous protesters at a peaceful blockade in a small town in New Brunswick, Canada. She used her years of experience as a journalist, documentary director, writer and researcher to shape the series’ main ideas.

Heidi also tapped into her personal experiences to develop Karmacorp’s characters and story line – experiences filled with absurd drama and dramatic absurdity that could inspire a John Irving novel, or several sad (and bad) country songs. Like the classic: “Her man died and the little beauties need raising.” Or the hopeful: “She’s locked and loaded for intermedia adventures.”

The seeds of her progressive leanings were sown during her childhood by her self-taught dad who, after spending five years in jail for robbing banks, became an eccentric defender of the poor who questioned everything. Heidi is following in his footsteps. Not the bank-robbing ones; the questioning ones. Karmacorp gives a voice to these questions. You can learn more about Heidi’s professional history here: www.redzedzero.com



As a producer, Philip is currently in production on the horror lm “Game of Death” for new international streaming service Blackpills, and the acclaimed Canadian Screen Award nominated web-series “YidLife Crisis”. Recently, he produced “Timber”, a short film for Bravo; “My Israel” a 13×1 hour TV series documentary for Canal Evasion; and he was an associate producer and script doctor on the upcoming genre film “Lady Psycho Killer” directed by Nathan Oliver and starring Kate Daly, with Malcolm McDowell, Daniel Baldwin, Michael Madsen and a special appearance by Ron Jeremy, for whom Philip wrote a scene. He was also associate producer on the feature “Banshee”, starring Taryn Manning and directed by Kari Skogland for the Oxygen Network.

Philip is a graduate of Concordia University’s Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema – Bachelor of Fine Arts, With Distinction – Specialization in Film Production.



Ghassan Fayad serves as founder and president of Kngfu. Over the 12 years since the company’s creation, Kngfu has achieved a position of leadership in Montreal’s  digital  media,  entertainment  and  cultural  industries,  and  has won numerous honors including Webbys, CNMA, DigiAwards, Boomerang, MIP, Geminis, Numix awards among others, working with such partners as the NFB / ONF, Al Jazeera, Ubisoft, France Televisions, Radio- Canada, the Montreal Canadiens, TV5, ARTE, Huffington Post, Cirque du Soleil, La Presse, CBC, Alliance, Paperny Films, Moment Factory, Canal D, Bell, Sympatico and Téléquebec.

Ghassan has come to be a respected voice in the Canadian New Media landscape. A regular lecturer at INIS, mentor and invited to speak at countless conferences and panels – including SXSW, HotDocs, FNC, RIDM, MIP, Banff, NextMedia, DocAgora – and member of many jurys (Boomerangs, CNMA, Numix).

Throughout his career, Ghassan has held various positions, from producer, director, senior developer to creative director. He has explored numerous other fields such as software architecture, design, video, animation and illustration. With his 360 view of media production, he has dedicated the later years towards production and creative direction of socially meaningful projects that push the boundaries of documentary, fiction and gaming. He has recently been focusing on international co-production kickstarting projects between Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Lebanon and Qatar.

Ghassan obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Computer Engineering (McGill, 2001) and studied digital media production at INIS.


KNGFU, Production

Kngfu produces content for all screens and platforms. Whether the form is documentary, fiction, games, apps or VR, all our projects share common values: a social message, a blend of cultures and a singular approach to story and treatment.

Since its foundation in 2005, the company’s work has been dedicated to meaningful and offbeat forms of storytelling and has gathered over 20 awards and recognitions internationally. Through the years, we have collaborated with broadcasting platforms, social institutions, and producers who are passionate about exploring new territories. Based in Montreal, Kngfu builds partnerships both locally and internationally, multiplying the bridges between cultures and countries.


  1. What I am looking for

I would love to hear what my writing “sounds” like when actors read it.

What I would like to do with them is

-ask them to read and “channel” the characters they’ve been assigned before we meet

-have them just run through the script, non-stop (including narration) to “hear” it

-ask them for feedback

-then do a second reading where we stop as we go and have them comment on how it feels reading “saying” these words…questions, blocks.

I want to block four hours to do this….to critique the dialogue…

I will record our meeting in case I missed some stuff in my note-taking and so I can rehear its length, pacing, flow, language.

The goal for me is to improve my writing and the writing of this script. And better define the characters’ voices. My partners in crime, Ghassan and Phil, will try to be there as well to hear everyone’s comment. This is not paid (sorry-I wish we had some money to pay….but we will provide snacks and joy and cover expenses like taxis or babysitters ( with receipts).





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