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Professional Development – Li Li (Chair), Amir Sám Nakhjavani, Simon Peacock, Sylvia Stewart, Julian Stamboulieh
Young Emerging Actors Assembly – Jen Viens (Chair), Tristan D. Lalla, Elizabeth Neale, Amber Goldfarb – follow us on Facebook!
Communications – Simon Peacock (Chair), Jen Viens, Li Li, Julian Stamboulieh, Elizabeth Neale
Honours – Eleanor Noble (Chair), Thor Bishopric, Howard Rosenstein, Simon Peacock, Stephanie Breton, Cary Lawrence, Maria Bircher
Exceptional Circumstances – Thor Bishopric, Eleanor Noble, Sylvia Stewart, Richard M. Dumont, Li Li
Discipline – Eleanor Noble (Chair), Howard Rosenstein, Tyrone Benskin
Diversity & Inclusion –  Sylvia Stewart (Chair), Li Li, Tristan D. Lalla, Lucinda Davis, Michael Nangreaves, Mariah Inger, Trudi Yearwood, Ed Fuller, Stephen Booth – follow us on Facebook!
Stunt – Simon Peacock (Chair), Sylvia Stewart, Jason Cavalier, Gilbert Larose, Stephane Lefebvre
Background Performer Caucus – Simon Peacock (Chair)
Women – Elizabeth Neale and Amber Goldfarb (co-Chairs), Eleanor Noble, Li Li, Jen Viens, Stephanie Breton, Cary Lawrence, Holly Gauthier-Frankel

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