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ACTRA Montreal Videogame Workshop

Day 1 – Videogame theory

  • Understanding the different genres of video games and the different audiences they target.
  • Understanding the different types of sequences in a video game, from Cinematics to gameplay, from Linear games to Sandbox games.
  • Understanding the process of how games are made.
  • Understanding archetypal characters in video games.

Day 2 & 3 – Voice work in videogames part 1

  • Understanding how a studio recording works.
  • Understanding proper microphone technique.
  • Working with a voice director.
  • The importance of the ability to “cold read” for a performance.
  • Preparing for the physical strain of performing hundreds of lines over numerous hours.
  • Protecting your voice for performances requiring excessive volume and intensity.
  • Maintaining a quality of voice throughout long recording sessions.
  • Shortcuts for acquiring and maintaining accents throughout performances.
  • Applying the techniques you’ve learned in a real studio environment.
  • Taking direction from a voice director and deliver a quality performance under pressure.
  • Practical experience in studio.

Day 4 – Dubbing

  • Learning techniques that will enable you to dub in both videogames and animation.
  • Practical experience in studio.

Day 5 – Voice work in videogames part 2

  • Applying the techniques you’ve learned.
  • Taking direction from a voice director to deliver a quality performance under pressure.
  • Practical experience in studio.

Day 6 – Performance capture theory

  • Understanding the process of performance capture and the technology that is used.
  • Developing a “hyper real” style of performance and the difference between a video game performance and those used for film and television.
  • Studio etiquette – the dos and don’ts when working with expensive equipment.
  • Learning the lexicon for performance capture.

Day 7 – Performance capture practical

  • Understanding the suit and how the sensors interact with the cameras, based on various set-ups.
  • Dealing with the accelerated pace: without breaks for make-up, wardrobe, lighting changes.
  • Performing in a vacuum: without sets and props.
  • And working with a director and technicians, gaining 5 hours of experience in a realistic work environment.

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