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2013 Branch Council Election – Candidate Statements

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order:

Thor Bishopric
Nominated by: Maria Bircher, Seconded by: Teale Bishopric
I’ve been a member since 1971 – more than 42 years. Along the way, I’ve had the incredible good fortune to always make my living in the film and TV industry here in Montreal, as an actor, writer, director and producer. ACTRA has always been in the family: my father, sister, wife, daughter and most of my friends are members. I’ve served the Union as a 3-term ACTRA National President (1999-2005) and as Montreal VP for more than 15 years. Also, I’m currently serving as AFBS Chairman, working to maintain and enhance the critical benefits we offer to our members.

Paula Costain
Nominated by: Ellen David, Seconded by: Genevieve Cocke
It is with pleasure that I seek re-election. I have been serving on the council for 8 years, and have spent the last two in the position of Council Secretary. I am a member of the Awards Committee, as well as being the Chair of the Workshop Committee. I am proud to represent Montreal actors in crucial discussions, and to directly participate in professional development within our industry. It would be a sincere privilege to continue this work on Council representing the Montreal membership.

Bruce Dinsmore
Nominated by: Gabriel Dinsmore, Seconded by: Richard M. Dumont
After two years on Council inspired by hardworking, innovative colleagues I’m once again asking you for your vote. Montreal council has worked hard to mend bridges and create transparency these past two years and I’m proud to be associated with the resulting initiatives. I’ve had the privilege and responsibility of representing you at the bargaining table and bring my twenty-five years of experience in all aspects of our industry to that table each and every time. I’m proud to play a small part in Council’s efforts to improve, create, and promote work opportunities for all our members.

Ian Finlay
Nominated by: Don Jordan, Seconded by: Simon Peacock
I’ve gained a lot of experience and bargaining expertise from working on Actra negotiating teams over the years. First it was CBC, then it was CTV, and for the past almost too many years to mention it’s been the NCA – the national commercial agreement. In addition to this I’ve been on Montreal Branch Council and served as a member of National Council. The union is in pretty good shape. The branch council is too. I’d like to do my best to help keep it that way.

Holly Gauthier-Frankel
Nominated by: Edward Fuller, Seconded by: Marcel Jeannin
I’m a proud ACTRA member, community-builder, and advocate for change. I believe in our union, and in the membership that has grown, evolved and continued to thrive over the last nine years that I’ve served on Council. I appreciate the trust you have placed in me, and in all your fellow members on Council, and it would be a privilege to get to serve the membership for yet another term. As the Chair of the communications committee, I strive to hear your voices and to make them stronger; I would love the opportunity to keep hearing you. Please vote!

Don Jordan
Nominated by: Andy Quesnel, Seconded by: Jennifer Seguin
As your sitting president, I would be delighted to continue to further contribute my time and energy to serve another term. I believe in Actra and all that it stands for. There is no organization in the world without its problems, trials, and tribulations, but I am committed to seeking out the
betterment for all our members through hard work and solidarity. United we can continue to keep our union as one of the best in the world and offer our members the tools in which to keep us informed and competitive artistically in our chosen field.

Cary Lawrence
Nominated by: Jane Wheeler, Seconded by: Tristan D. Lalla
In my 10 years of serving on Council, I participated in the last 3 IPA negotiations, each time garnering significant gains for this membership. I am your Branch Treasurer and I chair and sit on numerous Committees. I have worked on many creative initiatives that have marked our Branch as a leader within ACTRA. I am committed to voicing your needs at both the National and Executive levels, whether it is in voice, film, commercials, stunt work, or video gaming. It has been my pleasure to speak out confidently and strongly for you. I wish to continue my service.

Li Li
Nominated by: Christine Lan, Seconded by: Gilles Plouffe
My name is Li Li and I’ve been an actra member for over a decade now. This means I probably had the pleasure of working and learning from many of you; therefore it’s time that I get more involved and give back. Through out the years I acted and did a lot of production work behind the camera. Members in this city have a lot of initiatives, with my experience I want to connect you with other members of the industry to do your own projects.

Anik Matern
Nominated by: Andrew Simms, Seconded by: Lynne Adams
I have been an ACTRA member for over 25 years. In 1991, I moved to Europe to expand my creative skills. Returning in 1994, I worked in theatre, voice, and film and as series regular in two television shows while founding the ‘Dynamic Theater Factory’. DTF ran for 13 vibrant years. I believe that
loyalty, integrity and prosperity are worth striving for. Our union was founded on many of these same principals, but we live in a world of ever-evolving challenges, where creative thinking will be instrumental to our success. Allow me to encourage ‘thinking outside the box’.

Eleanor Noble
Nominated by: Rick Jones, Seconded by: Susan Glover
As Montreal’s infrastructure continues to crumble, as political corruption continues to stain our city’s name, and as a global recession continues unabated, I can’t help but be concerned over the impact all this has on our livelihood. I would like to remain on council to continue my efforts as an advocate for Montreal ACTRA members, ensuring there is ample opportunity for a livelihood in our craft and to showcase their talents through the ACTRA Awards, a celebration of all that is great in our community.

Simon Peacock
Nominated by: Jennifer Seguin, Seconded by: Carlo Mestroni
In my first term on council my primary focus has been, and if re-elected will continue to be, working constructively with the Videogame industry to increase the work possibilities for all ACTRA members. To this end I have addressed the Parliamentary Heritage Committee during its hearings on the industry, helped sign Producers to brand new agreements, served on the National Ubisoft Negotiating committee, and helped secure Government funding for upcoming videogame performance workshops. I’ve also worked in animation, commercials, film, and TV, giving me a broad understanding of our industry, which I believe, makes me a valuable council member.

Dave Rigby
Nominated by: Jean Frenette, Seconded by: Alex Cadieux
This summer I was given a lifetime achievement award by ACTRA Montreal, after a 30 year career as a Stunt Coordinator, Stuntman, and Actor. I am putting my name forward in order to give back to my union. Having served on Council long ago, I have seen the big changes to our business over the years, and the bigger ones to come. I have directed lead actors and actresses, day players, stunt performers, and extras in action scenes, and have an understanding of their needs and challenges on set. If elected, I will defend your rights.

Howard Rosenstein
Nominated by: Holly Gauthier-Frankel, Seconded by: Simon Peacock
I have served on Montreal Council for eight years. Making low budget projects must remain viable, become easier, and ensure members are treated with respect and the right to earn a living wage. We must stoke the fire for independent production! I have endeavoured to push this mandate as forcefully and as eloquently possible, working to get scenes requiring nudity and stunts back into our AIPs in 2004. Now that I also serve Quebec members on the Canadian Actors’ Equity Council, I feel poised to help bring about reforms in which ACTRA and Equity can better work together. Thank you.

Mike Scherer
Nominated by: Charlene Francique, Seconded by: Warren Scherer
My name is Mike Scherer. I am a Montreal based stunt coordinator / performer and I have served on council and committees in the past. I feel I have a unique insight into our business since I am a union member and at the same time, as a stunt coordinator, I work on the production crew. I have always done my best to help my fellow members when they have an issue that requires attention. I would like to continue in my role with Actra in the hope of helping us to adapt to an ever changing industry.

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